Yoga with Corina


The ancient yogis understood that all physiological processes in the body are governed by

the flow of energy along it's five major currents (vayus). By learning to work with the vayus using

targeted poses and specific breath practices, we can influence our very own physiology.

October 27th

Increase Energy and Vitality

This practice is designed to help you balance the energy flow 

throughout the entire body and increase your sense of vitality.

December 8th 

Strong Bones/Osteoporosis

Build and maintain bone density and strength.

Learn how to modify postures to keep your bones safe and strong.

December 29th

Balance and Core Strength 

Strengthen the front, back and sides of our core to prepare us for balance poses.

Access the core for a healthier back and better balance.

To deepen the effect, the workshop will end with

targeted breath work, a lengthy relaxation pose and guided meditation.

Participants will leave with a written handout of highlights from the workshop.      

When: Sundays, 3 - 5:30 pm

Price: $45 per individual workshop or $80 for two

Where: Stone Creek Zen Center,  2999 Bowen St, Graton

All levels welcome.

Please, email me to register.

Coming again in the future!

Integrated Practice with Asana, Pranayama and Cakra Meditation

In this workshop, you will be guided into a deeper understanding of how the tools of yoga support each other. The artful sequencing of asana with specific breath adaptations and chanting prepare you for a pranayama breath practice. In turn, you'll feel how pranayama not only develops breath capacity but prepares you for a meditation practice. Experience the integrated use of the different tools of yoga passed down from a long standing tradition. It is both unique and powerful and an opportunity to explore deeply during this winter season.


This workshop will focus on the strengthening the front, back and sides of our core. We'll work on balancing muscular asymmetry for our low back and sacral areas as well as developing healthy movement patterns and improving postural alignment. Establish a relationship to your experience though mindfulness of the body, mind and breath.


Experience the increased benefits of an extended yoga class! From 3-5:30am we will explore loosening, strengthening and integrating our upper body. We will focus on balancing muscular asymmetry, increasing range of motion and releasing chronic tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders. Establish a relationship to your experience though mindfulness of the body, mind and breath.


In this workshop we will focus on strengthening the front, back and sides of our core to prepare us for balance poses through thoughtful sequencing and the evolution of postures. Learn how to access the core for a healthier back and better balance.

•     balance muscular asymmetry

•     develop healthy movement patterns

•     improve postural alignment

Learn how to address specific areas of the body and how to tune in and listen to your system.  

Establish a relationship to your experience through mindfulness of body, mind and breath.  

Learn adaptations that benefit you specifically.

"This was only my first retreat but as far as I'm concerned there should be a yoga class before each meditation session! You really helped deepen my practice and open my heart fully!" - A.

Photo:  Stillwater Cove by Roger Burns

"The 90 min classes are great but the workshop was deeper and more experiential. I loved the one-on-one attention and learning from all the students when Corina worked with them. The workshop was a full body integration. It's an experience." - Bruce

"Even though the workshop seemed "easy," the consistent focus on the breath and movement for over two hours was a surprising workout. I really understood that day that yoga isn't just movement, but attention to movement." - A.

"Thank you for your dana (generosity). My body feels so much better than my previous retreats becasue of you. Many blessings. You are an intuitive and attentive teacher who teaches with love." - David